You can download the JE editor for free after you accept the following license.


All components of JE are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The main points as I understand them are

  1. JE may be extended, modified and used without restrictions and warranty.
  2. The source of JE or any extended or modified version must be available to all users at any time free of cost.
  3. It is not possible to impose a restricted license to any derived or extended version of JE.
  4. All extended or modified versions must contain this license.

Additionally, I impose this restriction.

  1. All distributed copies of the editor must include a clear link to the JE home page.

Other licenses are available on request.

R. Grothmann

Quick Download

If you have a modern Java version, you can just download the program archive and double click on it to start JE. Alternatively, try one of these commands in a command line

java -jar je.jar
java -cp je.jar edit
jview /cp je.jar edit

You may use any Java version. Java is available for other operating systems from Sun.

The Windows Installer

For Windows, you can use  the simple Windows Installer. This will work for Microsoft Java or any other JRE. You need to be administrator to install this file.

You will find icons in the start menu. It will also create a batch file in your Windows directory, which can be used in any command line. To start the editor from a command line, enter

je filename

Java Web Start

This is a nice way to try JE. The program will always be kept at the most recent release. However, you cannot start JE from a command line with this option. Also, you have to install Java Web Start (included in Java 1.4), and you must use Java 1.2 or better.

For more details, look here.


The source is available with the same license. If you want to include a JE panel into other open source projects, you may do so, if you cite me. Look into the file for a sample.

In case you have problems with the download, please contact me.