Some more Picutures of JE

What you see above is the file dialog of JE. I have chosen to create my own file dialog to avoid problems with only partly working system dialogs. It is a completely resizable dialog. This is the German locale, thus the German labels.

The file pattern in the lower right may contain several patterns. All text fields have a history, which can be navigated with mouse up and down. All react on pressing return directly. Moreover, you can double click with the mouse into the lists to change directories or choose files.

Above you see the FTP dialog in half its real size. This is the listing of the local C: directory, with WarFTP running on Windows NT. The dialog tries to interpret the UNIX directory listing using regular expressions. Thus you can double click on a line to switch to that directory, or to choose a file.

Note that this dialog has a help button as most others.

This is the most convenient method to load a file., the file search dialog. It will simply

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