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JE, Version 2 (final version)

The JE (Just an Editor) is an ordinary ASCII editor written entirely in Java. The editor has some features you won't find easily in another editor. In general, it is a multi-file ASCII editor with syntax highlighting, which provides a graphical user interface.

The ultimate test for this project is to be useful in its own development. Indeed, I am using JE as a Java editor under Windows and Linux, as well as for LaTeX, and it works very well. Java has the advantage to displaying bugs immediately and in a readable way with exceptions, and you can get a stable product much faster. So files should be pretty secure with JE. But read the disclaimer never the less.

Another purpose is to get an editor panel, which might be used in other projects too. Thus the source is available under a special license, which is close to the GPL. The main point is that the code may be included freely in other open source projects.

JE has a page at SourceForge. This allows other developers to participate in the development of JE. I will stop the development of JE with this version, and only remove bugs, or urgent features. For most purposes, the editor is perfect as it is right now.

Your next step is probably to download and use the editor. This is described on the installation page.

Rene Grothmann